60 minutes

The second publication of the Dutch composer Vyanah is titled Mantra and consists of six pieces of long duration (more than ten minutes each) that mixes environmental sounds and ethnic instruments with deep voices repeating Sanskrit texts. Mantra follows its definition in depth, the repetition of a word, phrase, or long text that will be recited and repeated leading the person to a state of deep concentration; Vyanah repeats this operation for all themes, but altering the main melody of each composition.

"Om Namaha Shivay" is the phrase repeated by a chorus under a warm rhythm of ethnic percussion heighten the melody created by their own voices and some wind instruments. This phrase that is repeated has the following meaning: "In the Name of Shiva" Shiva is the Hindu god of destruction and one of the most important deities.

Although frightening, "Om Shanti Shanti Shanti" is a call to peace. The voice endlessly repeats these four words under the tinkling of small bells and soft percussion. The piece changes from the cold darkness enveloped to the beginnings until the warm of end. I like it!.

With "Om Suryay Namaha" the individual disperses the darkness and ignorance. A positive composition, bright and beautiful borned of strings and percussion while the voices repeat "Om Suryay Namaha." One of my favorites!.

"Om Mani Padme Hum" is probably the most famous mantra of Buddhism. In this case, the voices do not reproduce these six syllables, but the repetition of Sanskrit words that sing have the same effect sedative that the previous tracks.

Mysterious and suspicious is "Om Gurvay Namaha." A piece without voices in the beginning and created by bells, bowls and rattles. The voices come forcefully repeating the three words to different voices, maintaining and accentuating the state of mystery.

The composition closes the album is "Om Shanei Namaha." A theme with a subtle rhythm that sets the tempo for the voices that sing the title of this piece. Repeated from beginning to end, the voices and the gentle pace gradually introduce the listener in a perfect state of meditation.

Mantra contains the best music for the realization of kundalini yoga because the mantras repeated here manage to create a perfect environment to practice this mental and spiritual exercise. Mantra is probably one of the best CDs of mantras reviewed in Reviews New Age.

Score: 4/5